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Contributing during this crisis

The times are testing and we should be prepared. The bright side of all that is happening across the world is that we can see people coming out for each other whether it is in the form of the selfless service by the medical professionals, supplying essentials or organising mental awareness programs. Everyone is trying to do their bit, to the best of their abilities. We at IFLI, if given an opportunity, are more than eager to contribute our bit.

We recognise that this Covid Crisis is not merely a  public health crisis but also a FINANCIAL Crisis! In the coming years Economies across the globe will be recovering from this sudden impact. As scary as this might sound, the solution is simple. We at IFLI firmly believe that with the right knowledge and direction these pitfalls can be avoided. To that extent, we have prepared a Covid Financial Guide 2020. This is mainly for our friends who have no stable sources of income and rely on intermittent sources. This guide will make them aware of the schemes being rolled out for their benefit and how can they best use them. We aim to make this Guide accessible to every corner of the country so that everyone can benefit from it. The situation might be unprecedented and tough but what is important is how we react to it because as someone rightly said, “Let your situation teach you wisdom,” and this Guide is a first step towards the same. 


Covid-19 Financial Guide

reducing anxiety

The guide first empathises with all the victims of this crisis, who have suffered financially, in terms of job loses or income loses. The purpose is to reduce their anxiety and assure them that things will get better.

Inspiring stories

The guide contains a compilation of inspiring stories which organisations on the ground level can use with communities dealing with the crisis to show them a brighter future. We must all learn from this crisis.

government schemes

The guide contains basic explanation of the various government schemes launched by the Indian government to support victims of this crisis.

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